My name is David Grachek. This website is a glimpse into how I see it. It is said that to truly living an abundant life is a life filled pursuing one's passions. I love my wife and kids. I am falling in love with the world every time I click my camera. Seeking beauty in everything is a choice and i make those choices daily with my camera.

It’s human nature to pursue happiness and it's true that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. What if that pursuit of happiness and making a good first impression happened simultaneously every day? It is said in the business world that image is everything. Whether you are marketing your product on your website or in marketing materials, you are marketing yourself at all times. 

Images leave a lasting memory.

My images tell stories that are made to inspire and excite and always be remembered. There is no substitute for a compelling and beautiful story.

“Fall in love looking through the lens and celebrate what is RIGHT in the world. By changing ‘if I see it I will believe it’ to ‘I believe it, therefore, now I see it’, you’ll find the extraordinary in the ordinary.”   

–  Dewitt Jones, National Geographic Photographer